About Mookie’s

What our customers say about Mookie'sWhat do our customers say about Mookie’s?

What’s so great about Mookie’s? For almost two decades our customers say Mookie’s taste better than any other kettle corn. Why? Because we use premium popcorn that pops up big and round, like gum balls! Four simple ingredients are mixed in the perfect proportion to create our unique signature flavor.

Try some and see why everyone says: “Mookie’s is the BEST!!!”


How Did Mookie Get Started?

About Mookie's early yearsMookie’s Kettle Korn started in the spring of 2001 quite by accident. Like many of you, we tasted kettle corn for the first time and said “Wow! That’s pretty good stuff.”  We immediately added it to our corporate gift business and soon joined the festival circuit. And it didn’t take long to become an overnight success.

Our kettle corn was a big hit right from the start. We use a premium popcorn and with the perfect balance of sugar and salt. Therefore, everyone that tries it won’t accept anything less than Mookie’s Kettle Korn.  Because, if it’s not Mookie’s – why bother?


What About Mookie Wilson?

About Mookie'sDo you remember Mookie Wilson? The NY Mets baseball player? Well, it’s not him. But years ago, Mark Wilson acquired the nickname “Mookie” and it stuck. And isn’t Mookie’s Kettle Korn just more fun than Mark’s Kettle Korn? Yes, we think so too.

So, Mookie drew a self portrait and Mookie’s Marvelous Kettle Korn was created.

Note: Self portrait was drawn back when Mookie still had hair.


Is It Fresh?

About Mookie's FreshnessIt seems like a silly question but many times, while working at events, with the kettle roaring, popcorn flying, bowls clanging, people often ask us, “did you make this today?”


The answer, of course, is YES! Absolutely! In fact, when you order online, your popcorn is popped and shipped the same day. As a result, it’s ALWAYS fresh and delicious. We wouldn’t have it any other way.