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Cataract Capital of the World

Cataract Capital of the World

It’s a sunny beautiful Sunday morning in Florida. This is the time bicycle clubs are out in droves and motorists are supposed to SHARE THE ROAD. You guys choose to ride your bikes down narrow, two lane, windy roads in a big clump clogging up traffic and you want ME to break the law by […]

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Fran’s Rant – GMO

To the woman who disrupted our business and screamed at me insisting that our popcorn could not possibly be non-GMO, I invite you view the attached letter from our supplier and I urge you to stop fighting with little guys like us.  Your fight is with Monsanto and our government that allows giants like Monsanto to […]

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My Dad

In the spirit of Father’s Day I’d like to honor my own Dad with a rant because my Dad was a champion ranter (it’s true about the apple and the tree). If you’ve read my previous rants about telemarketers and dealing with calls to companies like Verizon, my mannerisms are much like my Father’s. I remember my […]

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Mookie’s Rant: Christmas

This month, let’s hear from Mookie for a change. Typically nothing riles Mookie but blaring Christmas music for 6 straight weeks sends him into a Fran-like rage. And the guilt that’s imposed upon us in every commercial to buy people we don’t like, things they don’t need, with money we don’t have so that everyone has a […]

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Not another telemarketer!

Fran’s Rant: Telemarketers

If you read my rants you’re certainly familiar with my short temper and sarcasm which is probably what you enjoy most from these posts. But if you were a telemarketer you’d definitely feel different. I used to keep a police whistle near my desk and blow all my frustrations into the phone receiver. But then […]

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phone rage

Fran’s Rant: Bills

Bill’s Bill’s Bill’s – Why am I always getting Bill’s mail? Traveling and catching up with our mail is always a bit challenging but the most frustrating part of getting mail is reading the bills and catching the errors that these big companies make for a couple dollars here and a few cents there. It’s hardly worth […]

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Fran’s Rant: Funerals

My mother passed away last month from a massive stroke. She was 86 and led a long and full life. She was the matriarch of our very large Italian family and it was very difficult but we prepared a beautiful service and tried to convey what a simple, wonderful, caring woman she was which was […]

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Fran’s Rant: Sarcasm

People either love me or hate me. There’s no gray area. I’m from the northeast, I say it like it is, and I think my sarcasm is funny. But some folks thinks it rude or obnoxious. Like the dentist that kicked me outta his chair when I said: “You wanna introduce yourself to me before you stick […]

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Fran’s Travel Rant

Stress will kill you. And as I read thru my previous rants I realized the stress of my winter schedule has left some scars. So this month, instead of ranting about things that bug me, I’ll RAVE about things that went well. We slow down considerably in May so Mookie traveled to Colorado to visit his family […]

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