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Fran’s Rant: Sarcasm

People either love me or hate me. There’s no gray area. I’m from the northeast, I say it like it is, and I think my sarcasm is funny. But some folks thinks it rude or obnoxious. Like the dentist that kicked me outta his chair when I said: “You wanna introduce yourself to me before you stick […]

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Fran’s Travel Rant

Stress will kill you. And as I read thru my previous rants I realized the stress of my winter schedule has left some scars. So this month, instead of ranting about things that bug me, I’ll RAVE about things that went well. We slow down considerably in May so Mookie traveled to Colorado to visit his family […]

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Mookie’s Seeing Double

To keep with the theme of Mookie’s Birthday month, let’s take a look at the many Mookie Mobiles we’ve had over the years… When Mookie’s first started in April 2001, we were driving a small, very old Mitsubishi that would violently rattle, shake, spit and smoke every time we turned it off.  We would attend parties […]

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Happy Guy With His Mookie’s

If you’re familiar with Banner Elk, NC you probably know about the annual Woolly Worm Festival but you may not know local celebrities in Beech Mountain – Cathy Wooley Brown and her husband Mark.  They attend the festival every fall and the town makes quite a fuss over them. Well, Mookie’s Kettle Korn happens to […]

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Mookie’s Namesake

This summer, while working/living in Banner Elk NC, our friends at Apple Hill Farms welcomed a new baby goat that was born with tight curly locks that looked like our popcorn and we were thrilled when they decided to call him Mookie!  Well, we just received several pictures of Mookie and wanted to share them with […]

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Fran’s Rant…

My father always said: “If you want a job done right ya gotta do it yourself.” And those words ring in my ear often. This morning a customer called and needed 300 personalized packages shipped today — we got it done and the customer was delighted. But when I try to get service from other […]

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Mookie’s November Calendar of Events

November is a very busy month for fairs and festivals.  As usual you can find Mookie’s at the Mustang Flea Market just West of the Wagon Wheel on Park Blvd in Pinellas Park every Sat/Sun mornings til 1:00. And Mookie ain’t no saint but he’s usually found in more one place this time of year. […]

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